Inspired by our own kid who went to birthday party of his friend and found tattoo activity table. The tattooes were dierent from others where most of them used ink, powder, and glitters which we usually didn’t allow our kid to apply them since our kid had sensitive allergic skin. The tattooes were last longer, smooth on surface and amazingly looked real. Since that party, our kids couldn’t stop asking for more and more tattooes (yes it is addictive!). We found out that those kind of tattooes were bought overseas. Through some researches, we finally found the best and certified material to print our kid’s favorite characters. Even we made customized tattoo with names on it and tattoo design for ourselves. Given that, we try to share our experience and fun with the tattooes. We try to give dreams on those who want to have real tattooes without pain. We guarantee you that these tattooes are as much addictive as the real one.

We are now providing tattoo not only for kids but also teens and adults. Our range of tattoo have reached almost 1000 items in variety designs. We are now expanding our product line to Gel Nail Wraps, LOLINAILS, which bring more excitement for your pretty nails. Instantly without going to nail parlour and you can do your nails anywhere and whenever you want.


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